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10 SEP 2021 2021

LSCM Logistics Summit is the signature annual event held by Logistics and Supply Chain MultiTech R&D Centre. This year’s summit, with the theme of ‘Innovate and Revitalize to win over the COVID-19’ brings government officials, industry experts, business leaders and academia representatives together to share the challenges brought on by the pandemic and how to revitalise the logistics community using innovation and technology. 

The renowned speakers and guests from diverse fields, such as The Secretary for Innovation and Technology, Secretary for the Civil Service, Chairman of the Board of Directors of LSCM, etc, inspire each other with their insightful ideas on the importance of technological development in rejuvenating the industries and the economy, as well as the Smart City development in Hong Kong. 

ITT was invited to showcase our solution in the summit, with more than 20 exhibitors in logistics, supply chain and related industries. The Summit provides a valuable platform for guests and exhibitors to broaden their perspective and  spark inspirations for the development of innovation and technology, as well as to build network and explore collaboration opportunities.