IoC Solutions

Smart applications of IoT (Internet of Things) to Construction Sites bring real time and location based information across construction sites. Visible and creditable.

Intergrated platform

Connect all projects and stakeholders on one single platform of data accessed at anywhere onsite or offsite. Work time saved.


Innovative Internet of Construction (IoC) solutions make a connected construction site, offers real time data of onsite activities and creditable records to significantly enhance.

  • Safety
  • Visibility
  • Management
  • Cost efficiency


Central digitized workflows make site management efforts massively streamlined


Centralized storages always offer real time data accessed at anywhere.


Weather proof sensors operate around the clock thru years without battery charging or replacement


Secured and creditable records provide insights to performance and situations

SMART for Construction

  • InfoSMART™ Safety
  • InfoSMART™ Monitor
  • InfoSMART™ Attend
  • InfoSMART™ Resources
  • InfoSMART™ xTrack

InfoSMART™ Safety

Active safety management solution with dynamic alert warning algorithm

InfoSMART™ Monitor

Vigilance-centric guard tour system without tags nor readers

InfoSMART™ Attend

Real time records of onsite worker's activities offer extra visibility of manpower resources, to enable effective workforce management and allocations.

InfoSMART™ Resource

Vigilance-centric guard tour system without tags nor readers

InfoSMART™ xTrack

Progress and Defect Management Solution, collaborating with a smart positioning system, offers an integrated digital platform of inspection records and rectification progressions accessible to all stakeholders of Project Team, makes quality and progression tracking real time, creditable, better proven, more accessible and, higher trackable.

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Recent SMART Projects

InfoSMART™ xTrack

A single integrated digitalization platform of defect inspection and
rectification progression tracking accessed by all members of project
team, the streamlined workflows save more than 30% labour cost, and
guaranteed with real-time creditable records.

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InfoSMART™ IoC Solutions

haven been widely adapted by major contractors and professionals in the industry,
furthermore the ground breaking innovations have been recognized by,
international awards and government bureaus.

  • InfoSMART™ Attend & InfoSMART™ xTrack have been listed Pre-Approved Products of
          CITF in 2019
  • InfoSMART™ Attend has been exhibited at the Construction Industry Council (CIC)’s
          Construction Innovation and Technology Application Centre (CITAC) Gold Medal of The
          10th International Exhibition of Inventions (FoShan) 2018
  • Gold Medal of The 6th International Innovation and Inventions Expo (MIIEX) 2018
  • Gold Medal of 46th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva, 2018
  • Hong Kong ICT Awards 2018 - Cert of Merit
  • InfoSMART™ has been funded by the Enterprise Support Scheme (ESS) Funding of
          Innovation and Technology Funds since December 2017

SMART People Say

InfoSMART™ Management

Latest News


Interview with George MAK, Clerk of Works

“Improvement in information transparent and environmental-friendly are also the benefits.”


Interview with Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks

“InfoSMART™ xTrack is a user-friendly professional management system, especially to the management level and professional in younger generation…”


Interview with Far East Architects

“InfoSMART™ enhances the branding, creditability and clients’ wish of the company…”

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