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InfoSMART – Digital Works Supervision System

What is it?

The Digital Works Supervision System (DWSS) is a centralized database that collects information associated with the workflow at a construction site. Useful data, such as workforce, worker records, work progress, workflow control, site condition, quality control records, and construction work information can be selected, sorted, and stored on this smart construction management system.


  • Government projects
  • Projects over $300 million
  • Commence after April 1, 2020

Cost Guideline

  • Doesn’t exceed either $10 million of 0.5% of the estimated contract value, whichever is lower

Time Schedule

  • Deploy DWSS within 3 months of contract commencement date

What are the benefits?

The DWSS offers a plethora of advantages that benefit the construction industry. First and foremost, it increases productivity as all the data added will be synchronized automatically across all devices and servers and provide a constant stream of information. This will be easily accessible to a wide range of people, including contractors, site supervisory staff, employers, and clients.

Furthermore, by using this intelligent work supervision system, it allows people throughout the chain of command to gain an in-depth insight into work progress and performance, while also being able to report back on any area of concern.

Worker safety can also be enhanced using the digital construction monitoring system as a close eye can be kept on potential dangers that are attributed to construction sites. A safer work environment is one of the top priorities at any construction project and, by taking the necessary steps, it avoids any potential accidents that could happen.

The DWSS is also the perfect tool for boosting productivity as multiple parties have the ability to access information around the clock. Once a certain trend or pattern is noticed from the data acquired, the management team can take action and implement the measures needed to make the overall operation much more efficient.

Quality assurance will also increase as the wide-ranging accessibility to the DWSS will enable contractors and site supervisory staff to thoroughly check that everything is up to standard in a much more systematic manner.

These are just some of the major benefits offered by the DWSS, which is transforming and revolutionizing digital construction management.

Widespread Industry Usage

In a technical circular in March 2020, Hong Kong’s Development Bureau announced that all construction projects under the works departments worth over $300 million will be required to use the DWSS.

Access at anywhere
onsite or offsite,
at anytime

Support All Stakeholders

With the implementation of SMART cloud servers, all stakeholders are able to manage all tasks under one single platform.

Main Contractor

With complete access available, it provides the following benefits:

  • Improve onsite management effectiveness
  • Improve quality
  • Defect management
  • Improve working environment safety awareness
  • Minimize overall project implementation risk
InfoSmart ATTEND and xTrack have been well received by the industry and were endorsed by the Construction Industry Council (CIC) of Hong Kong as 2 solutions on the
Pre-approved Lists of the Construction Innovation & Technology Fund (CITF).

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