InfoSMART Attend – Real-time Worker Management, Monitoring, and Safety System

Innovative Fleet Management &
Worker Activity Management

InfoSMART Attend is an innovative, intelligent real-time worker activity tracking and management system that is specifically designed to empower the management of human resources for construction sites.

With real-time records of workers’ daily attendances and working activities within construction sites uploaded to the cloud server, not only can it help the management team obtain reliable human resource data analysis anywhere, anytime, but it also enables effective workforce management and allocation at the click of a button. The system also provides accurate and reliable records to avoid unnecessary disputes regarding attendance records.

InfoSMART Attend – Major Components

InfoSMART’s real-time worker management system consists of a number of key components that enhance safety and convenience for not only the workers at a construction site, but those in higher management as well. With practical features, such as operating 24 hours per day and recording all uploaded data in real-time, InfoSMART Attend is a revolutionary worker digital monitoring system that provides a wide range of useful benefits to the construction industry.

The Worker Safety and Management Benefits of InfoSMART Attend

Safety and efficiency and two of the fundamental aims at any construction site, and InfoSMART is paving the way for companies to achieve this through an all-in-one real-time worker management system – the InfoSMART Attend.

The system incorporates a host of different services that, among other things, make it simple to track real-time worker attendance day and night. Attendance reports can be compiled spanning a period of time to give the management team an in-depth insight into the attendance and activity rates of their workers.

Furthermore, mistakes that occur due to human error can be avoided, which in turn boosts the welfare of workers, making for a happier and more productive work environment.

These are just a few of the many intrinsic perks offered by InfoSMART Attend. Some of the other benefits associated with the digital worker monitoring system can be found below:

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