InfoSMART xTrack – Project Progress Tracking and Quality Assurance Management

Integrated Platform for Effective Project Progress Supervision

InfoSMART xTrack is an all-in-one progress tracking and defect management solution. Collaborating with a smart positioning system, it offers an integrated digital platform of inspection records and rectification progression accessible to all stakeholders of the project team. Through this, it enables real-time, credible, better proven, more accessible, and a higher degree of quality assurance and progression tracking.

The Project Progress and Quality Assurance Benefits of InfoSMART xTrack

One of the major advantages of InfoSMART xTrack is the fact it enhances efficiency on a construction site, while significantly reducing the time required to conduct onsite inspections and write up all necessary documentation and reports. With more time saved, the management team can focus on more crucial areas of a project, while maintaining close project progress supervision and engage in any quality assurance aspects that need to be refined or improved.

It is also an essential tool in defect management as all the data collected is accessible on one single platform, which will aid in decreasing confusion and potential disputes. What makes InfoSMART xTrack so efficient is that everyone within the chain of command, from contractors, developers, and stakeholders, can access all the defect management data. Upon reviewing it, they can implement the necessary measures needed to maintain the highest quality assurance possible at construction sites.

These are just a few of the many benefits associated with using InfoSMART xTrack. As a leading platform to track project progress and manage quality assurance, it is also ideal for:

Real-Time Progress Tracking

Smartly organized progress tracking reviews at real-time

Manpower Saved

99% time and efforts saved at onsite inspection, documentation and reports

Performance Analysis

Interactive summaries of data collected offer insights to quality and performance improvements

Real-Time Proven Site Record

Inspection recorded by mobile devices with smart and unalterable micro-location inputs

Defect Management

All same data in one single platform accessed by all stakeholders, from developers, contractors to sub-contractors

Mature and User-friendly Technology

Digital Landmark

  • Auto address input
  • Operations up to 5 years



Checker App
(For inspector)

  • Address auto-filled
  • Photo Annotation
  • Record defects, progress and follow-up
  • Onsite record review

Doer App

(For worker)

  • Location / trade aware record review
  • Onsite follow up

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